Local butchers turn to digital to boost in-store sales

Traditional retailers are now utilising in-store digital screens and signage to upsell and increase the basket spend of its customers.

Even the traditional butcher counter is turning to digital to communicate special offers or recipe ideas requiring additional ingredients to its customers. Not only can this technology encourage the customer to spend more but it also reduces their perceived waiting time should there be a queue which ultimately improves the customer experience. In addition to displaying their own messages on the screens, retailers can also generate further revenue by facilitating relevant third-party advertising on the screen also.

Rhino Media Group, with offices in Bangor, Co. Down, provides world-leading digital screen technologies which successfully connect brand advertising to captive and targeted audiences.

Roger Van Delan, CEO of Rhino Media Group said: “Digital media is now vital for SMEs to engage and connect with their customer base. To stay ahead of the competition, all small businesses need to invest and continually innovate. This will help drive spend, enhance the look of the store, reduce perceived waiting times and improve the overall shopping experience.

“Our digital media system does all of the above and is hassle-free. If a store chooses to join with our third-party advertisers, this can subsidise the cost of the system and has the potential to generate a profit.”

Rhino Media Group has been employed by J Pelan & Son who are already reaping the results from their in-store digital signage.

Proprietor, Jim Pelan said: “The Rhino team completed a thorough site visit to monitor the customer journey and ensure the screen was positioned in a prominent location and in the eye line of the customer. The screens were fitted within 24 hours and with no disruption to our customers or operations. Whilst waiting for an order or to pay, the customers do engage with the screen and it allows them to concentrate on something other than simply how long they have been in line.”

“The platform allows us to easily manage what content is shown on the screen at any time and we can tailor offers shown on screen depending on the day of week or time of day. The Rhino team has assisted us with the creation of this content which really captures the attention of our customers who now have a greater knowledge of the breadth of products available in store.”