Affordable digital advertising for all retailers

Rhino Media Group’s innovative approach to digital advertising is enabling physical stores, all of the customer experience, to access the most powerful and measurable media channel available. The most innovative retailers today are adopting digital technology to assist with their offline sales, and this is exactly where Rhino Media Group can help.

An ongoing retrofit which will see our existing network of screens upgraded with our new cutting edge technology will ensure that all our 1400 screens throughout the UK and Ireland provide customers with the most advanced digital solutions, making us one of the market leaders in out of home in-store digital media advertising.

Our advertising screens come in various sizes, can be installed in any establishment and can be used to deliver any message at any time. Whether it be a gym, deli, petrol station or the local corner shop; we can provide bespoke solutions for any size of business in any industry and our clients have full control over what messages they promote on their screens. The breadth of retailers our screens are available in makes them a hugely attractive proposition for advertisers.

Jonny McBride, Managing Director at Rhino Media Group, said: “The way consumers shop has changed significantly in the past decade. We now shop more frequently, are more price-savvy and place greater emphasis on convenience – a far cry from the traditional weekly food shop.

“With this new approach, Rhino Media Group can offer retailers, big or small, the opportunity to use their stores as advertising space to an already captive and interested market. Our revised pricing models are extremely competitive and apply to all budgets or requirements whether you are interested in purchasing one screen or multiple units.

“Our screens can be used by stores to promote their own offerings or used as an income stream by offering screen advertising space to externals brands, companies or organisations in return for revenue.

“Rhino Media Group screens can help reduce the perceived waiting time of customers which, with expectations higher than ever, can help our clients deliver a superior experience for their customers.”