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Digital signage is an essential component of a 21st century customer journey. Digital touchpoints at the point of sale conquer the ever-increasing challenge of capturing retail spend. Take a look at our digital advertising solutions, from menu boards to digital walls, that will deliver the results you need

Advertising Screens

Advertising screens are out-of-home solutions that improve and influence a customer’s in-store shopping experience. Our digital advertising screens can be used to boost impulse buys, present product promotions and showcase in-store offers.

Menu Boards

Menu boards are the perfect in-house digital signage solution to educate consumers on your products, services, pricing and specials through dynamic and animated content. Our menu boards are a cost-effective platform for updating your brand content on site.

Deli Boards

A tasty food offering will look even more appetising when shown on our deli screen. Vibrant, thought-provoking imagery rolling across our deli screens presents a mouth-watering opportunity for you to increase customer spend at the counter.

Window Screens

Elevate your shop front with our impressive outfacing window screens. Our large format window displays can be custom sized to fit your space, feature automatic brightness adjustment in line with the outside elements and beautifully showcase your content to entice footfall in-store.

Digital Signage

Our digital signage is a creative solution to fit any customised space. Floor to ceiling screens, in-store digital pods, any size or specification, you name it and we can install it to promote your static or dynamic brand content. Our digital signage can also be timed to automatically update to match the needs of your business.

Harness the power of digital signage

If showcasing your brand through powerful digital content on world-leading digital signage screens is something you want, then Rhino Media Group is your perfect digital advertising partner.

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