Rhino Media partners with Admobilize

The Rhino Media Group has announced a partnership with Admobilize making it the UK and Ireland’s largest independent out of home and in-store digital signage and advertising company.

The collaboration has created the UK’s only artificial intelligence (AI) powered proof of performance, complete in-store, digital, out of home advertising network. As a result, Rhino Media Group’s product and servicing offering have been significantly enhanced for customers and advertisers who can now avail of:

  • Proof of play technology providing peace of mind for advertisers
  • A customer portal for screen clients to manage and view content
  • A customer portal for advertisers to purchase advertising slots online
  • Functionality for portrait and landscape orientation, split screens, menu boards and deli boards

Jonny McBride, Managing Director at Rhino Media Group, said: “Our network of robust digital screens connect global brands to key target audiences in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Rhino Media Group is committed to providing a service that delivers revenues for retailers and exceeds the expectations of our advertisers.”

“Our partnership with Admobilize provides our screen and advertising customers with valuable real-time statistics through its world-leading face detection system. This technology will capture metrics such as attention time, gender, age-range and emotion – all of which are extremely valuable pieces of information to a retailer or advertiser.”

“With the UK’s only Artificial Intelligence-powered proof of performance technology built into all our screens, we can provide advertisers with proof and peace of mind that their ads ran as expected and the requirements of their contracts were fulfilled.”

If you own a retail outlet and would like to explore the options for placing a digital screen in your store, or a brand wishing to advertise across our network, please get in touch today on 0800 006 2063.