Rhino Media Group strengthens Content Production team

Rhino Media Group has recruited four new members of staff to further strengthen its Content Production team. This takes the total number of Content Producers to six with plans for additional recruitment in the coming months.

Jonny McBride, Managing Director, said: “Our in-house Production team is based at our headquarters in Norwich and creates all video content for screen customers. The team can also produce the content for those wishing to advertise on our growing network of 1200 screens throughout the UK and Ireland.

“With advertising and creative experience, our skilled team provides guidance on what type of message or content would work well on the screen and then develops the advert in an engaging manner that will attract the attention of customers. Prior to installing a screen, the Rhino team completes a site visit. This allows us to determine the best location and orientation for the screen and content can be designed in both landscape and portrait.”

“We go to great lengths to understand the target audiences of our advertisers and our clients’ objectives are central to our advertising campaigns. With a growing network of screens and advertisers, strengthening the Content Production team has allowed us to create a bank of high-quality advertisements for clients, and as demand increases, there will be further recruitment.”

 To find out more about how your brand can be represented on Rhino Media Group’s impressive screen network, please contact the team on 0800 006 2063.

If you are interested in joining the Rhino Media Group team, please email a covering letter and CV to contact@rhinomediagroup.com